Ambitious and rewarding

Inspired by the age-old rivalry, our goal is to liven up the meme coin scene by starting a playful rivalry between cat coins and dog coins, and to take CatMoon “to the Moon” in the process. 

A crypto community of cat people

We are an international band of lunatics united by our love for cats and crypto, here shake up the dog-infested meme coin scene with our community-driven cryptocurrency CatMoon, and reinstate cats as the rulers of the internet.


Simple enough to be readable, sophisticated enough to make it to the Moon.



Initial Token Supply
100,000,000,000,000,000 – 100 quadrillion

Circulating Supply
50% and decreasing

Initial Distribution
50% burned
50% seeded as liquidity to the PancakeSwap pair

Special Allocations



Burn Rate




Safe forever

To make sure nothing can interrupt our journey to the Moon, we seeded the entire circulating coin supply as liquidity and burned the liquidity pool tokens, and renounced the contract ownership. CatMoon is as safe as it gets.

Fair launched

CatMoon was entirely fair launched. There was no pre-sale or ICO. There were no reserve wallets or any other special allocations, meaning everyone, even the Team, had to buy their tokens from PancakeSwap.


CatMoon can fly you to the Moon without ruining the Earth. Our smart contract is built on the BSC and requires only a tiny fraction of the electricity that Ethereum based contracts consume, and has virtually no gas fees.


2% of every transaction is redistributed to reward holding and to exponentially decrease supply.

1% Holder Rewards

Proportionately distributed among holder wallets. Simply put, you can just hold and your balance will grow before your eyes.

1% Burn

The tokens you hold get more valuable after every trade because the supply is constantly decreasing.

The Mission

We don’t stop at removing the dogs and conquering the Moon.
We plan on continuing our journey and exploring new destinations,
boldly go where no meme coin has gone before.


Lift Off


The Moon

The Black Hole

The burn address ‘0x0dead’ holds 60%+ of the total token supply and receives holder rewards. As a holder, the black hole receives 1% of every transaction and takes those tokens out of circulation. As a result, each transaction makes CatMoon more valuable by exponentially increasing scarcity.


CatMoon is the patrician’s choice.
Get on board at this early stage and reap the rewards in no time.


D*g coins

The Team

Working hard everyday to take us to the Moon!


Zenna is CatMoonCoin’s Project Manager. While overall his talent is specialized in just a few fields, his luck is outstanding. Due to that luck, early on he was able to find and bring together an amazing team! One that is dedicated to the cause, and that makes up the very essence of what CatMoonCoin stands for today. Dedication, community, hard work, and trust!


Jaye Train is our Community Manager, part-time designer, editor, hype girl, website designer, and so much more. Also known as CodeBlueJaye, or “Code” for short, Jaye is a person of many hats within our team. Jaye is a Professional Administrator with 10+ years of experience in Customer Service. She excels in managing teams, quality assurance, and taking the initiative when something needs to be done. A good thing to note about Code, she loves helping people, and will always greet you with a smile!


Twigg is our very own in-house Designer. You want someone who can do well in designing NFTs, banners, gifs, and more, Twigg is your guy! When working with Twigg you will realize something very quickly. He takes his job seriously, and he knows what he’s doing. When it comes to his designs the word perfection just isn’t going enough!


Arlend is our Software Developer by day, and Smart Contract Developer by night. Arlend has been in the software development trade for 5 years, and has been doing smart contract development for 4 months. While he is still relatively new to the smart contract scene, he is utilizing his vast experience in software development to help him learn and adapt quickly in this new environment. For those who know Arlend personally, when you think of him a few key words come to mind; dedicated, hardworking, supportive, and of course strong accent!


Rastaman is our Social Media Liaison, taking charge of posting on our Twitter, Reddit and Facebook accounts. Also known as “Hello Admin Wen Lambo?” and “Crypto Rastaman”, he is a powerhouse at making consistent posts, bringing in fresh eyes to our project! If Rastaman was here right now, the very first thing he’d say is “Hello Friend, might you like and retweet my post?”.


Hellxcode is the character designer of our mascot Aurora! Hellxcode, also known as Hellcode, has been focused on digital art and animation for the past 4 years, and is also currently invested in machine learning. Hellxcode is responsible for a good portion of the artwork you see on our website and social media. Hellcode’s mascot design was also used as inspiration for our Catronaut NFT collection.



DISCLAIMER: None of the information on this website should be considered legal or financial advice. Smart Contract has no owner and is maintained by a team of volunteers. The team cannot be held responsible for any losses, profits, or taxes you may incur. Investing in cryptocurrency is akin to being a venture capital investor. Please do extensive research before purchasing any cryptocurrencies and do not invest more than you can afford to lose. CatMoonCoin team welcomes everyone to inspect the smart contract.